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The Board Of Directors invites all residents to attend their monthly board meetings, which are held in a members home usually on the first Thursday of each month.  Please contact (213)486-4555 for date and location of the next meeting.
Mt. Olympus Property Owners Association Annual Membership Meeting is typically scheduled to take place in the month of September or October at the Mullholland Tennis Club, 2555 Crestview Drive, (off Skyline). All residents are welcome and encouraged to attend. Notice of the specific date and time is circulated several weeks in advance. 

See new President's Report on this site.

Mt. Olympus is a Planned Development of all single-family residences encompassing 406 homes in a view hillside community located in the Hollywood Hills. The Mt. Olympus Property Owners Association (MOPOA) is a non-profit public benefit corporation which operates under by-laws established in 1983 and manages the community affairs of the local home owners. MOPOA is run by an eleven-member board of directors which is elected bi-annually by the homeowner association members. Association membership is voluntary, and currently, approximately 300 homeowners of the 400 or so homes in the Mt. Olympus subdivision are members paying $250.00 annual dues to receive the benefits of membership in the Property Owners Association.
MOPOA has assumed the role of Declarant of the Mt. Olympus subdivision from the original developers, and thus the right and duty to enforce the CC&Rs (Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions) for Mt. Olympus, which includes maintenance criteria for existing residences and grounds, and Architectural Approval (section 7.01 of the CC&Rs) for new and remodel construction. The rules are monitored and enforced by Committees appointed by the Board. MOPOA has the power to file Notices of None-Compliance with the County Recorder against properties which are not in compliance with the CC&Rs. (See CC&R link).
The Architectural Committee has an established process and guidelines for approval of new construction and house additions/modifications, and typically reviews and grants over 40 applications per year.