Mount Olympus is a planned single-family home development encompassing approximately 406 homes in a hillside community located in the Hollywood Hills. The community affairs related to things like safety, development, filming and quality of life are managed by local home owners, Mount Olympus Property Owners Association (MOPOA). MOPOA is run by a board of directors which is elected bi-annually by homeowner association members. Annual dues are $250 and mainly covers costs associated with maintenance, beautification and safety efforts. 
MOPOA has assumed the role of Declarant of the Mount Olympus subdivision from the original developers, and thereby have the right and duty to enforce the Covenants, Conditions and restrictions (CC&Rs), which include maintenance criteria for existing residences and grounds, and architectural approvals for new and remodel construction. The rules are monitored and enforced by Committees appointed by the Board. MOPOA has the power to file Notices of Non-Compliance with the County Recorder against properties which are not in compliance with the CC&Rs.
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