MOPOA is a very active property owners association representing over 400 properties which strives to improve the safety, quality of life, and the aesthetic beauty of the community. Below highlights some of the accomplishments and ongoing projects currently being undertaken by the Association.

MOPOA Annual Meeting: October 29, 2023
Our annual meeting will be held on October 29 from 2pm to 4pm at a home on Achilles Drive .  
It's a great time to meet your neighbors and to discuss neighborhood problems that need to be addressed. In particular we will discuss and get your opinions regarding:
  • Three new designs for our front entrance.
  • Solutions for party-house problems.
  • Crime-control for our hillside.
  • New security cameras at the front entrance and at the Jupiter entrance.
To get adequate levels of neighborhood patrolling, we need more homeowners to subscribe individually for ADT / Bel Air patrol.   To find out more about ADT, call Mike Ball at 818 435-3179.
If you planning on attending and need to know the number of the house on Achilles Drive, send an email ask to mopoa2020.gmail or leave a request at the MOPOA telephone number: 213-486-4555
Olympress Newsletter Fall 2023: click below
CC&R Guidance
MOPOA continues to clarify property owners' rights and obligations, as well as the Association's own legal rights in the enforcement of the CC&Rs, by issuing Policies and Guidelines about many areas of interest, including, peaceful enjoyment, view obstructions, and filming. 
New Construction: Architectural Approval
MANDATORY:  If you plan to do any EXTERIOR remodel, enhancement or repair of your residence, including yard hardscape, gates and fences, you MUST apply for and obtain Approval from the MOPOA Architectural Committee.  Click on MEMBERS and then Architectural Approval to get more information and an Application.
This is a mandatory process summarized in section 7.01 of the CC&Rs.  The Committee will assist all homeowners to obtain approval efficiently and rapidly,  Please contact Joe Custer phone: 323 252 2264 or Steve Schonfield phone; 323 851 6622 for details.
Beautification & Environmental Protection
To preserve the beauty of our community, MOPOA engages in many efforts, both within the community and surrounding areas. Some of the projects include maintainance of the entry monuments, including the re-planting of annuals on the landmark Mt. Olympus entry island, participation in preservation and protection initiatives of nearby open spaces and wildlife.
Security and Community Relations
MOPOA has led a coalition of neighborhood communities in monitoring and working to limit or prevent the increase of through traffic from Woodstock Drive and down through either Willow Glen Road or Mt. Olympus Drive in an effort to avoid increased traffic congestion, related safety issues and additional damage to our roads and infrastructure. These efforts, combined with increased LAPD presence and enforcement, have resulted in a major decrease of cross-mountain traffic in Mt. Olympus (on Apollo, Hercules, Electra and Mt. Olympus Drives)
MOPOA works with local law enforcement agencies and City Council officials to address reported incidents of reckless driving, loitering, graffiti and other criminal activity in the neighborhood, keeping these agencies informed of the situation and inviting them to attend MOPOA Board and community meetings in an effort to collectively work to mitigate these issues. As a result of the attention MOPOA has focused on these problems and with increased LAPD presence and enforcement, the number of such reported incidents has decreased significantly.
MOPOA also closely works with the Los Angeles Police and Fire Departments and Bel-Air Patrol in addressing safety and quality of life problems like commercial party houses. 

MOPOA continues to work with Film L.A. and has jointly developed more detailed and specific Special Conditions For Filming in the Mount Olympus area also found on Film LAs website.