President's Report

Hello Neighbor, 
Permit me to introduce myself.  I am Ed Leamer, the newly elected President of the Board of the Mount Olympus Property Owners Association.  I have taught Economics at UCLA for over 45 years, and I have lived in Mt. Olympus for 24 years, and I have served as a member of the MOPOA Board for five years.  
I grew up in a neighborhood in New York State where I got to know all my neighbors.  We played together and we cared for each other.   I think Mount Olympus is an extraordinary place to live but I think it could benefit from more neighborliness.  It is my hope that the MOPOA Board will do all in its power to encourage greater neighborliness.  It is also my hope that you will get involved.  Try attending some of our monthly Board meetings, and then consider becoming a Committee member or eventually an elected Board Director   If you have any ideas about what we should be doing, please let me know.  
There are several community projects that the current Board has reactivated which should be completed this year.
Ed Leamer