Architectural Approvals

You may complete an application online and submit it to the MOPOA Architectural
Architectural Approvals Process:
Architectural approval by MOPOA is mandatory and required by the CC&Rs. It is separate from building permits which are applied for and granted by LA Department of Building and Safety.
You are reminded that if you are planning or have begun ANY construction, renovation or repairs that are visible from the outside (front, back or sides of your property) or which involves opening of any part of an exterior wall, you MUST obtain Architectural Approval from MOPOA. This approval is given in the form of an email message followed by a formal letter.
Such approvals are also required for pools, decks, fences, monuments, entries, windows, and any other exterior construction. This applies equally to all properties within the Mt. Olympus Development.
This requirement is SEPARATE from any construction plan approval that you may require from Los Angeles Building and Safety Department.
This MOPOA Architectural approval is a LEGAL requirement, since MOPOA is the DECLARANT of the Mt. Olympus Development, and thereby has the responsibility to maintain the aesthetic architectural harmony of structures and surroundings, and preserve the view rights of all residents. The specific requirements are detailed in Articles 7.01-7.05 of the CC&Rs.
MOPOA also has the legal power to record certificates of NON-COMPLIANCE with the CC&Rs (which cloud property titles and informs the lenders) against properties/constructions that are not in compliance with Architectural Approval Guidelines or that violate provisions of the CC&Rs.
So, if you are planning any remodeling or construction or are aware of any of your neighbors doing so, please contact Committee members Mel Remba at 323 851-1647, or Steve Schoenfield at 323 851-6622 or the Association telephone 213 486-4555. We strongly suggest that you contact us BEFORE beginning any construction or demolition. Application forms attached below to be printed, completed and mailed or faxed to the Architectural Committee.
You will find the Architectural Committee to be helpful, fair and professional. We are here to facilitate the improvement of your home, not to hinder your plans. This benefits us all.
Approval of Plans (Section 7.01 of the CC&Rs)
"No building, fence, wall, pole or other structure shall be erected, constructed, altered or maintained upon any portion of said property, unless a complete set of plans and specifications therefore, in duplicate, including the exterior color scheme together with a block plan indicating the exact location on the building site, shall have been submitted to and approved in writing by Declarant and a copy of such plans as finally approved deposited for permanent record with Declarant. Such plans and specifications shall be submitted in writing for approval over the signature of the owner of the building site or over the signature of his duly authorized agent, on a form prepared by and satisfactory to Declarant. The approval of said plans and specifications may be withheld not only because of their noncompliance with any of the specific conditions, covenants and restrictions contained in this and other clauses hereof, but also by reason of the reasonable dissatisfaction of Declarant with the grading plan, location of the structure on the building site, the color scheme, finish, design, proportions, architecture, shape, height, style or appropriateness of the proposed structure or altered structure, the materials used therein, the kind, pitch or type of roof proposed to be placed thereon, or because of its reasonable dissatisfaction with any or all other matters or things which, in the reasonable judgment of Declarant, would render the proposed structure or alteration inharmonious or out of keeping with the general plan of improvement of said property or with the structures erected on other building sites in the immediate vicinity of the building site on which said structure is proposed to be erected or altered."
Conditions for construction/remodel projects that have been approved by the Architectural Committee:
1. All work is to be done by licensed contractors in accordance with LA Building and Safety Codes.
2. Finished exterior and any fence or wall colors are to be in harmony with adjacent house colors, or approved by the Architectural Committee.
3. This approval is limited only to the final plans or descriptions submitted and agreed to. Any additional construction or construction not in conformity with the submitted plans or renderings requires that you contact the Architectural Committee and obtain an amended approval or reapplication if required.
4. Any potential view obstruction to nearby properties as a result of the new construction must be disclosed to the Architectural Committee and to the affected property owners. It is the responsibility of the applicant to identify any view issues with all of the property owners whose view would be affected. MOPOA offers guidance and facilitates neighbor contact in order to resolve such view issues.
5. No air conditioning units, ducting or other mechanical devices or pipes may be installed on the roof, except in special circumstances, in which case any mechanical units or ducking must be properly covered or concealed.
6. Contractors must adhere to the Los Angeles City rules regarding hours of work, there must be no storage or dumping of construction materials on the sidewalk or street, and during the construction nuisance created by noise, debris or other disturbances to neighbors must be minimized.
7. It is understood that approval of this application for home construction and/or remodel is based in part on documents supplied by, and written and oral representations by the Applicant and his agents.  As further consideration of this approval, the Applicant agrees to defend and indemnify MOPOA, its Directors, its Architectural Committee and consultants, from any and all claims, law suits and any legal actions related to this approval by any neighbors against MOPOA.  This includes, but is not limited to the payment of any expenses, legal fees, damages, judgements or settlements related to any legal action taken against MOPOA with regard to this approval.
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