Safety & Security

This section pertains to any safety or security alerts from our immediate and surrounding communities, Bel-Air Patrol or City agencies such as LAPD and LAFD as well as our surrounding communities.
Our Association has always considered Safety and Security of the community as its most important mission, and we devote much of our efforts, time and resources to this important aspect of our lives here. The most visible and effective evidence of this effort is the 24/7 Security Patrol Service (ADT-Bel Air Patrol) with which the MOPOA Board have worked for many years, and established a good working relationship with the management and individual officers that patrol our neighborhood.
Other security related initiatives are: Invited speakers and safety related information at our meetings, frequent contact with City agencies such as the CD 4 Council office, LA Fire and Police Departments, Senior Lead officer, LAPD West Traffic Division, LA Departments of Street Services, Engineering, and Building and Safety. We maintain close contact with adjacent community associations and their leaders, and share common safety alerts which you may be receiving from time to time if you have or will provide us with your e-mail contact.
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