Directors & Committees

The Board of Directors of MOPOA meet monthly to conduct the business of the association.  Board meetings are generally held on the first Thursday of every month. The meetings are hosted at the homes of the Directors in Mount Olympus and are open to all residents.  Please contact one of the Directors listed below if you plan to attend. 
Ed Leamer, President
Joe Custer, Vice President
Garry Gekht, Director
Tammie Moore, Director
Preeti Shroff-Mehta, Secretary
Victor Helo, Treasurer
Maisha Pajardo-O’Neal, Director
Lana Petrosian, Director
Steve Schonfield, Director
Howard Schwartz, Director
Mel Remba, Director
* Please note that this is the corrected and updated list of Directors as of July 2022 *
MOPOA Committees
Safety and Security and Traffic (including Patrol and surveillance)
Beautification: Common areas 
Architectural approvals and subsequent compliance
Website Development and Maintenance
Banking, deposits and insurance
Communications: Replies to phone and e-mail inquiries
Community Relations Committee – (CPAB, HHWNC, CD4)
CC&R Violations and Compliance (trees, views, maintenance and complaints)
Film LA Liaison