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Welcome to Mt. Olympus

In order to acquaint the interested reader with the Mount Olympus community and its property owners association (MOPOA), below is an outline of recent accomplishments and ongoing projects currently being undertaken by the Association. MOPOA is a very active property owners association representing over 400 properties which strives to improve the safety and quality of life of its members, and the aesthetic beauty of the community.

CC&Rs - Clarifications in Written Policies
MOPOA continues to clarify property owners' rights and obligations, as well as the Association's own legal rights in the enforcement of the CC&Rs, by issuing Policies and Guidelines including:
  • Policy on Peaceful Enjoyment
  • Policy on Obstruction of Views by Trees
  • Other policies outlined in the Policies and CC&Rs section on this site
  • Other Policies provide more detailed information on Maintenance, Use of Property, Architectural Review and Approval, Air Conditioning Controls, and Antenna & Satellite Dish Placement. All of these policies now are available on this website.
Beautification & Environmental Protection Measures
MOPOA maintains Mt. Olympus monuments, including the re-planting of annuals on the landmark Mt. Olympus Entrance island.

MOPOA funds the landscaping of the center median divider with Laurel Canyon Boulevard near the Mt. Olympus Drive entrance.
MOPOA continues to see to the prompt removal of graffiti on Mt. Olympus common properties, including the white stone wall closest to the Mt. Olympus Drive entrance.
MOPOA contributes funding toward the purchase and preservation of open space near our community by the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy
MOPOA continues to work with Film L.A. and has jointly developed more detailed and specific Special Conditions For Filming in the Mount Olympus Area also found on Film LAs website
Security and Community Relations
MOPOA has led a coalition of neighborhood communities in monitoring and working to limit or prevent the increase of through traffic from Woodstock Drive and down through either Willow Glen Road or Mt. Olympus Drive in an effort to avoid increased traffic congestion, related safety issues and additional damage to our roads and infrastructure. These efforts, combined with increased LAPD presence and enforcement, have resulted in a major decrease of cross-mountain traffic in Mt. Olympus (on Apollo, Hercules, Electra and Mt. Olympus Drives)
MOPOA works with local law enforcement agencies and City Council officials to address reported incidents of reckless driving, loitering, graffiti and other criminal activity in the neighborhood, keeping these agencies informed of the situation and inviting them to attend MOPOA Board and community meetings in an effort to collectively work to mitigate these issues. As a result of the attention MOPOA has focused on these problems and with increased LAPD presence and enforcement, the number of such reported incidents has decreased significantly.
MOPOA works with the Los Angeles Police and Fire Departments and Bel-Air Patrol to develop and publish Guidelines to Shutting Down a Party Effectively
MOPOA continues to work closely with City Department of Transportation officials to obtain approval to install, construct and implement additional speed, traffic and security controls in our community including, but not limited to, the following ongoing projects:
  • Installation of Botts Dots leading into, through and out of the curve where Electra Drive transitions into Hercules Drive
  • Installation of surveillance cameras to monitor and record vehicles entering and exiting our community via the Mt. Olympus Drive Laurel Canyon entrance
  • Design and construction of a guard house to be located on MOPOA common property at the Mt. Olympus Drive Laurel Canyon entrance
MOPOA's Annual Membership meeting is usually held in late September or early October at the Mulholland Tennis Club. Notice will be sent out approximately 30 days prior to the meeting and one of the major meeting objectives is the election of Board Directors. All members are invited to run for office.
MOPOA welcomes your participation. If you are interested in being a MOPOA Board member or working with the Board in some other capacity we welcome your help. Please let us know of your interest so that your name can be printed on the ballot before the Annual meeting. You can contact us by e-mail at mopoa@mtolympus-la.com or by voice mail at (213) 486-4555.

The Association is a voluntary dues supported organization that works to promote the general welfare of the Mt. Olympus community and, in particular, its dues paying members. These are some of the ways that the Association works for the benefit of its members:
  • Utilizes an effective communication system and tools, developed by the Association, to keep its members informed of issues in and affecting the Mt Olympus community by:
    • Maintaining an informative Website which makes the CC&Rs and other guidance and documents available on-line
    • Direct email notification of important developments and alerts
    • Maintaining an up-to-date members' mailing directory and direct e-mail list
    • Providing a dedicated telephone and answering service
    • Utilizing a confidential mailbox and fax number
  • Maintains personal contact with various City officers and agencies including, but not limited to, CD4 Council Office, Office of the Mayor, Hollywood and West Traffic LAPD Divisions, Hollywood Hills West Neighborhood Association, and various City Agencies such as the Departments of Transportation, Building and Safety, Sanitation, and others.
  • Maintains signage, maintenance and landscaping of Mt. Olympus-owned properties including the entries off of Laurel Canyon Boulevard and Willow Glen Road along with the many dedicated monuments within Mt. Olympus.
  • Provides a mediation service for disputes between members.
  • Works with ADT/Bel Air Patrol to maintain and improve service and to enroll new residents and property owners to the current 24/7 dedicated car patrol.
  • Maintains streets and gutters with weekly cleaning.
  • Holds periodic Board meetings, an annual General Membership meeting and other functions, and staffs standing Committees to address the work of the Association.
  • Provides advice, contacts and resources to its members.
  • Assists members with questions involving the CC&Rs in which the Association, as the Declarant, has discretion to act to enforce of the CC&Rs
  • Develops written policies which interpret the CC&Rs.